We create customized lectures, seminars and workshops for Affinity Groups:

• Stress Management in the Workplace

• Corporate Stress Management Consultant Training

• Stress Prevention and Repair

• Self Awareness and Self Empowerment for Personal and Professional Success

• Emotional Fitness for Men

• Life/Career and Wellness Coaching

• Behavior Change and Anger Management

• The Benefits of Meditation

• Slowing Down Aging

• Qi Gong: Ancient healing practice

• Dealing with Difficult People

• The Dangers of Suppressed Feelings

• The Role of our Emotions in Every Day Life

• Emotional Eating

• Visualization for Sports/Workout

• Improvement Sleeping disorders: treating the cause instead of the symptom

Slow down the aging process for Boomers:

• Learn the basics of mind-body medicine to slow down aging process.

• Prevent age related illness.

• Keep your body functioning at 10-15 years younger.

• Create a rejuvenated quality of life.


Mentoring for Coaches:

• Improve your success with your clients.

• Apply intervention techniques that easily break through client's blocks.

• Expand your client base beyond your specialty.

• Outsmart the competition.


Stress Management:

• Control stress reactions that lead to stress related illness.

• Learn emotional intelligence and emotional fitness.

• Learn Stress Repair.

• Learn Stress Prevention.

• Activate the Relaxation Response.










Life after lay-off

The economy is changing, and companies are keeping an eye on profits. One way to do is through laying-off people. That does not feel right when it happens to you. This seminar is for people who have been laid off, or who are expecting the ax to fall on them. You will learn what your possibilities are to continue your career and personal growth, after the lay-off. You will discover the “blessing in disguise” and how you can excel, in spite of this situation.

Career restructuring

The economy is “forcing” people out of their actual career path. You do not need to wait till it is your “turn”. Learn how to be one step ahead of the process. Do you know your potential for excellence and success? In this seminar you will learn from someone who started from scratch, and built a successful career. Dr. Harold Koning is featured in the book: “Turning dreams into success” and he will help you to discover what you do not know about yourself; that is: the good stuff.