Our approach is: With Potential Based Coaching you receive customized programs that meet your individual needs.

YOU are the co-creator of your health/wellness process


• See yourself as a complete human being-spirit, thoughts, emotions and body?

• Want to be in charge of your wellness and your health?

• Know the power of your mind and how to use it to heal yourself?

• Balance career and quality of life to prevent illness?

• Accept yourself as a self-healing system?

• Want to discover and apply your self-healing potential?

• Want to live a full and healthy life?

• Want to improve your personal and professional relationships?

• Want to feel better about yourself?

• Want to achieve any of the above?


With Potential Based Treatment YOU GET…

• Results

• Individualized Program

• Independence from therapists

• Tools to maintain good health

• Your power back

• Healing at the root of your issues

• A holistic health professionals’ referral base

• Easy access to your Coach

The Latest Developments in Mind/Body Healing


• The role of stress/emotions and physical illness.

According to the National Association of Family Physicians 75%-95% of patients’ conditions are stress related.

• The relationship of Mind/Body regarding health/illness---Every human being has the potential of activating a self healing system

• Understanding the power of the mind-body relationship

• The importance of one’s subtle energy in the prevention and management of mental, emotional and physical conditions. The work of distinguished professionals in the field of Mind/Body Healing such as Brian Weiss M.D., Richard Gerber M.D., Andrew Weil M.D., Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey M.D., just to name a few, has been extremely important in recent years in offering Mind/Body Healing programs to the general public

• The science of Psychoneuroimmunology – the relationship between thoughts, feelings, physiological and Physical reactions.