Skype and Phone Coaching

We understand that at times you may need additional support to handle difficult life situations.

Our coaching system assists you to successfully manage challenges in your personal and professional life. You learn how to connect with, and apply your own strengths, talents and intelligence through specific tools and techniques. You are the co-creator of your own solutions.


For appointments or further information please contact us at: 954.791.4932 or email:



1. You receive full coaching services in the privacy of your home or office

2. When you travel interstate or outside of the U.S.A you continue your coaching sessions


In your coaching sessions, you will find solutions through:

SELF ANALYSIS • distinguish between your IDENTITY (your true self) and your IMAGE (the way you believe others want you to be).

• get to know your mind power to make choices and to change. Tap into your mental and emotional resources to find out who you really are.


SELF RESPECT • you have the choice to live your own life. In the daily pursuit of external approval, acceptance and love, most people give away their soul (self). This causes confusion between self-realization and simple role behavior. Learn how to change this.


SELF EXPRESSION • choose to be yourself and to respect others at the same time. Find out how to create the mental-emotional capacity to express yourself as a complete human being, and start changing old patterns now. You and only you can analyze your “mental fingerprints” and reprogram yourself!